Thursday, 5 June 2014

Covert Shirt Store Review | Watch Video Covert Shirt Store Demo

Covert Shirt Store is going to be the easiest to use theme you have ever seen. Complete with step by step setup wizard and bite sized tutorial videos for every single setting inside the admin area. You are going to love this!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

SEO X Ray Hero Review Watch Video About SEO X Ray Hero Demo

SEO X Ray Hero is a highly effective premium SEO plugin that you can use to analysis the top 10 sites across google,bing & yahoo based on any keyword entered, then it allows you to spy on your competitors SEO data so you can duplicate their exact SEO & ranking strategies to outrank them.  The top 10 sites on the 3 major search engines are the ones getting the most traffic so hence the name of the awesome piece of plugin SEO X Ray Hero

Monday, 21 April 2014

Traffic Mice Review | Watch Video Traffic Mice Demo

There’s a new Automated Traffic “LANDLORD”

 in town… it’s the Traffic Mice!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

WP Simulator Review

Product Summary:
WP Simulator was originally launched at the start of 2013 and proved to be an immediate hit, achieveing JVZoo “Product of the Day” (POTD) and has continued to be a top seller ever since, being awarded “POTD” twice again since then! This new version is all improved, easier to install, easier to use and with far more options built in for users to test, tweak and perfect their WordPress site sites, plugins and themes.

Welcome to WP Simulator Review  partner’s page. Here you will find all the resources you need to promote WP Simulator and 2 Great upsells including a cool new unreleased product. SEO UK prides itself on delivering high quality offers with high EPC’s & low refund rates. We specialise in evergreen products rather than one hit wonders which are aimed to deliver good value to customers & long term affiliate earnings to our partners.

WP Simulator Review is pre-configured server software that allows the user to easily run WordPress on a PC or MAC. It’s a localhost environment with multiple ready to use WordPress installs & invaluable site development/test tools. Whatever the customer’s skill level – they will love it!
For the first time ever customers can use this without editing PHP, setting up MYSQL or configuring Apache – it installs in just 3 steps & bypasses all the standard configuration typically required. The result is 12 ready WordPress test sites that the customer can use to: develop, backup/restore live sites, test themes & fix problems!

Unique Selling Points:
1. Faster Development Speed – with no internet lag it’s like running WordPress on steroids – pages load much quicker.
2. Theme/Plugin Testing – it’s a way to test themes & plugins off-line, cleaning site-wide links, preventing plugin clashes
3. Troubleshooting – It’s a way to find & resolve common WordPress errors, such as lockouts, clashes & bugs.
4. Backup – use it to backup/fix/store your live WordPress sites so if a WordPress upgrade or a plugin update causes a problem – you have a resource to fix your sites quickly rather than hunting for stuff that’s no longer availabe to download.

WP Simulator runs 100% real versions of PHP/Apache/MySql/PHP MyAdmin – and the environment will behave exactly like a well-configured live host other than the development sites will be firewalled off & private. WordPress & plugins will also upgrade just like on a real web server.